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Driving Success: How Blink Charging's Organic Traffic Grew 37% YoY

Learn how index365 helped Blink Charging navigate a highly competitive organic landscape to increase their overall organic traffic by 37%.

KPI Improvements

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37% Increase in Organic Traffic YoY

Identifying new pillar pages to add to the website, new blog content and improving domain authority helped drive more traffic.

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30% Increase in New Users YoY

Increased organic performance helped drive 30% more new users to during Q4 2023 compared to Q4 2022.

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100% Increase in Conversions from Organic Channels

Keyword research helped up identify the correct search terms to help drive organic traffic that converts.

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The Challenge

Highly Competitive Industry and changing SERPs

During the year 2023 there were several challenges we faced in generating new organic traffic that converts.  Localized results direct organic traffic for keywords such as “EV Charging Stations” to find EV charging stations to charge their vehicle.  But what about websites that are also looking to sell EV charging stations?  The answer was to create a dynamic map that provides information for each EV charging station as well as new blog content that targets long-tail keywords.  The new content added to the website with improved Domain Authority helped Blink Charging improve their overall organic traffic that also converts. 

The Fix

In a dynamic collaboration with Blink Charging, has significantly elevated their digital presence, achieving a 37% increase in organic traffic and welcoming 30% more new users. This remarkable progress was driven by our comprehensive SEO strategy, centered around creating engaging pillar pages, including an interactive map that enhanced the user experience. We revitalized Blink Charging’s product and collection pages with captivating content, turning technical details into compelling narratives. Our focused approach extended to crafting authoritative blog content, bolstering Blink Charging’s stature as an industry thought leader. Technical SEO enhancements, such as optimized internal linking and schema markup, coupled with strategic off-page SEO efforts, substantially improved the website’s performance and search engine rankings. The culmination of these efforts was a dramatic 100% increase in overall conversions, showcasing the potency of a well-executed, multi-faceted digital strategy. Our partnership with Blink Charging not only drove significant business growth but also set a new standard in leveraging SEO for sustainable business success.

The Results

Blink Charging Organic Traffic Improvement

Q4 2023 vs Q4 2022 Organic Traffic Comparison

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